14 Eylül 2010 Salı

Vogue's Fashion's Night Out - What to expect

Vogue is persistently trying to form a fashion culture in Istanbul, which I appreciate sincerely. The latest step they took is importing the well renowned Fashion's Night Out to Turkey on 16th September. The world knows this event as a supernova of fashion in which world famous DJs play in the A-list designer stores where supermodels and celebrities are expected to bump into each other. Naturally, the event is organized in fashion capitals, in which New York has a special place, since the inventor of FNO is Anna Wintour herself. I have to mention the brilliance of marketing strategy here. By adopting the general rule of 'festivals sell', FNO brings together people who are willing to buy with special discounts or  special suprises in which in the end everyone wins. Brands sell more and reach their target audience, sponsors get a chance to launch their new products to the elite and as a whole FNO turns itself into a brand as well.

On a more local, Turkey specific scale, I have to emphasize one thing. Vogue did not indulge itself with bringing foreign celebrities or fashion editors for the sake of brightening the event. It is good to see for a change that Turkey is forced to create from the bottom its very own fashion culture. If Istanbul will ever become a land of fashion, a bottom to top approach is nothing less than vital.

So far, I have noticed that great effort is put into this. Models are local, designers will be there and most importantly it is advertised well. I like the way that Vogue doesn't play for the popular (despite the irony in its name). The priority always seemed to me like the classy, instead of the the most wanted. Even though these may coincide at times, in times of conflict classy reigns. I hope the event will stay that classy and the party would be a success.

I am not yet sure how the event will turn out, but we have to mark that the international counterparts of the event are some competition. Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Leighton Meesters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham were among the visitors of NY version. Now let's hope the event will only attract real fashionistas. It is no coincidence that all of the names mentioned are somewhat related to fashion, other than being regular actresses. Therefore it is focal that the people to go FNO represent a certain level of association to fashion along with a style that they are known for. 

Hopefully, the event will be a real phenomena, other than a wannabe of its big sisters.

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