26 Eylül 2010 Pazar

ERDEM Brings Laces Back to London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is over and now's the time to appreciate some beauty set before our eyes in this big big fashion event. Our cause for celebration is no other than our one and only "Erdem". At first glance, I realized how successful he was in conservating his own line, his particularistic signature and thought no labels were needed for him to be recognized by anyone who is into his work. But a closer examination revealed that he managed to take his work a step further. I have repeatedly heard that his dresses are one of this season's "must-haves".

I have to admit that at first, even though he brings colour, pattern and flowers to the fashion, he is doomed to remain a bit on the side ways, one of the many preferred in London street fashion. I used to think no woman would say no to his dresses; but will not demand them wistfully. This season he proved me wrong. Even though he has dresses that are just sweet, some of his dresses are just stunning.  

In this collection, we see the classical Erdem: mini dresses with lots of laces and patterns. Yet this season he is more hesitant in using too many colors at the same time. He kept things simple so that the design would not be lost behind colours. All dresses are just girly, but some have a certain feminine stance as well, much like the dress in the big picture.

And the final word should be dedicated to Nicholas Kirkwood for the amazing shoes he designed, that match perfectly with the collection.

PS: I had Erdem's previous collection too in this blog for anyone interested in comparing it with this season. It just takes a bit of inquiry of the right hand side menu...

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