21 Ağustos 2010 Cumartesi

What this year's IFW is going to look like.

I am terribly sorry for such a huge gap in between my entries. Nonetheless, here I am, back and ready once and for all. Now that the biggest event of Turkish fashion is approaching (precisely 3 days left), it is now the most appropriate time to take an all encompassing journey about what "Istanbul Fashion Week" is and what awaits us for this year. Now that all the designers are extremely enthusiastic about their shows, let's trace some of the clues they left so to guess even for a bit what this year's event's going to look like.
Here's the program of this year:

Atıl Kutoglu hasn't been presenting any new collections for quite some time now, so his runway will be a matter of curiousity for many. For the closure of day 1, Bora Aksu will be showing what he's got. He is already a well established designer in London, as he repeatedly participated in London Fashion Week, yet he says he is inpired by Istanbul for this very collection. It will be our pleasure to have our world renowned designer in his homeland.
This year's Karma show is also a very strong one. Gül Ağış is slowly making her way up, while Zeynep Tosun and Zeynep Erdoğan have started to win themselves a place in Turkish fashion. I am mostly curious about whether they have managed to take a step further since the last IFW and develop a style that is a bit more elegant and mature to enable them to play in the major's league. Simay Bülbül will be there, I suppose again with a spiritual headline and a collection created around it. Arzu Kaprol will be concluding the night, hopefully with her characteristic elegance and a glimse of a new theme, much like her previous themes of ecology or futurism.
On the following day, an often visitor of our blog, Rana Berna Canok sisters will be in the Karma show once more, allegedly with their sculpture like figures. Following that, Özgür Masur, who participated in a karma show last year, will be performing on his own this time. A big thrill not only for him, but for all of his followers and anyone interested in Turkish fashion really. We'll see if he could put upon what he has been building up for a year. Bahar Korçan will be showing off with her collection she named "Listen". As though it has been ages now that she is in fashion industry, she is still a bit of an experimental kind. So it's going to be interesting.
On the final day, Gamze Saraçoğlu will be pumping adrenalin in backstage, followed by Özlem Süer, now a popular face for the fashionista.
So, let's see what this IFW brings about...